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Meet Our Farmers


Our quality comes from a select group of farmers, ranchers, bakers, chefs and artisans located throughout Texas.  We uphold them to an extremely high standard in creating quality product in a humane, non-GMO and sustainable/organic fashion as much as possible.


Many of our producers have received merits and awards for their products and are extremely talented at what they do.




Your Pickle Matters

Pogue Mahone Pickles is an Austin based Craft Pickle company. These pickles are the result of over 10 years pursuing the Ultimate Dill Pickle.
Right here in Austin TX, our small team of pickle professionals lovingly make every batch by hand, using only the finest fresh ingredients. These
Pickles are produced, aged, and sold ice cold to maintain maximum crunch and deliciousness.

Pogue Mahone Pickles were recently named Winner of the 2013 Good Food Awards in the craft pickle category (a national contest)



















 Texas Pecan Shop

David took over a neighbors third generation pecan shelling business near Mc Gregor Texas back in 2010 and has been shelling some of the best LOCAL native pecans you will ever try.

The Pecan Shop offers Texas native pecans fresh with all-natural activated recipes:  Mesquite-Smoked, Family Recipe Sea Salt Crispy, and Apple-Pie (sweetened only with local wildflower honey, apples, and cinnamon – no refined sugar).  The recipes are low-heat so they stay raw but get wonderful crunch and crispness, and activated, meaning we soak them overnight in filtered water and Redmond sea salt to dissolve the enzyme inhibitors that make nuts and seeds hard to digest.  Also they start to sprout, flooding the nut with vitamins and enzymes.  So our natives are very healthy and very flavorful.

They are great over oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, salads, soups, greens, etc.